Sande and Nick Cooke
Greenhorn Creek, Angels Camp

Dear Vivian,

We would like to thank you for all the effort you put into the successful sale of our home. We selected you to represent us because of your enthusiastic attitude and positive approach. We were not disappointed. We listed our home for sale in the largest "downturn" in the real estate market in many years. Your many efforts, which included, Open House every week-end, advertising, and networking with other professionals, concluded in a successful sale.

Your steadfast advice allowed us to sell for a very good price. Your calm and confident approach made us know that we were in capable hands. We met you on a professional level... looking for the "just right" person to represent us.... we closed a very smooth escrow, thanks to you. Thank you for navigating what could have been a very bumpy road. You are now not only our Realtor of are a friend.

Sande and Nick Cooke

Christine W.
Angel Oaks, Angels Camp 

Hi Vivian. Thank you so much for the amazing basket of goodies! We were so pleased with the service you provided us. You were right on top of the entire process , making sure every step was covered. Your hard work made this short sale go smoothly and close on time. I look forward to working with you again.

Joe Simpson
Lake Tulloch, Copperopolis 

We met Vivian and Tom through common friends. We had been looking for a vacation home for about 2 years and never really connected with any of the local agents. They didn't seem too interested in us as we were looking for the perfect property and not willing to settle. Once I talked to Vivian I felt like she got it. Over the next several weeks and months she worked to find something that we would love. Our purchase was complicated as it included 2 properties to make the deal happen.

Vivian guided us through the process, obtained financing for the purchase and made sure we got the Lake House we had always dreamed of. I've since recommended Vivian to friends that are interested in the area and am in the process of listing a lot with her that I am looking to sell.

Steve, Carla, Christopher, Elisse, Chelsea
Ranch property in Calaveras County

If you are looking for a real estate agent that redefines the position, then Vivian Danielsen is the person for you! We have taken Vivian all over Calaveras county and probably several other counties as well. We took her through acres of manzanita, streams, sticker bushes and poison oak looking for the perfect acreage. Not once did she back away from a challenge or hesitate to show us new properties!

We had a wonderful opportunity to finally buy a house (the best house in Calaveras county) form our friend not our "agent." Vivian walked us through the process and protected and represented us through the whole process. We were lucky to move all the way across the United States and be introduced to Vivian and have her find our family a home.

Thank you Vivian!

Elaine J.
Greenhorn Creek, Angels Camp

My husband and I cannot heap enough praise upon Vivian. 6 months ago we started a search for the perfect vacation property in Calaveras County, and as we did not know a soul in the area, we found Vivian on a Google search. After interviewing her, as well as a few other agents in the area by phone, we took a leap of faith and "hired" her as our agent.

It could not have been a better decision! We found her to be relentlessly hardworking, patient, direct, kind and straightforward. She was more than willing to work within our somewhat long list of necessary criteria. She even went so far as scouring her own sources for listings - I believe on a daily basis - in order to allow us a "jump" on our competition to procure a house.

Best of all, despite the fact that we live in Palo Alto (over 2 hours away) she made our search as painless as one could imagine it to be. We are so glad that we ended up with the perfect vacation home for us 5 months later - completely thanks to Vivian's tireless, positive efforts. You cannot go wrong having Vivian Danielsen on your side.

Vivian Danielsen
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